CCBank and Elevate have partnered to provide unsecured installment loans via its online website. These loans carry the RISE brand name. Customers can apply for RISE loans between $500 – $5,000 and are able to claim any amount below what they are approved for so they can only borrow what they need. Payments are on a flexible schedule; customers can choose to pay biweekly or monthly. Customers can only apply online; they cannot apply in a store.


  • Progress to better rates – We believe a brighter financial future starts with access to affordable credit. That’s why we’ve committed to lowering our rates. So far we’ve dropped the rates of more than 250,000 customers! On-time payments deserve to be rewarded. Simple as that.
  • Borrow on your own terms – With RISE, you borrow what you need, when you need it. And our flexible payment scheduling lets you choose your own terms. You can even pay off early with no extra fees. Now that’s flexible.
  • 5-day risk-free guarantee – Don’t worry, you can change your mind. You have five business days from the time you take your loan or advance.
  • Free Credit Score plus – Knowing where you want to go financially starts with knowing where you stand. Check your TransUnion® credit score and receive credit alerts for free, and start working toward a better financial you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You live in a state we service
  2. You have a job or regular source of income
  3. You have an active and valid checking account (savings and prepaid accounts not accepted)
  4. You have an email address to receive account information

The results will be available to you in a matter of seconds after you submit your application. In some cases, we may need to ask for additional information or proof of income before your application can be approved. Once approved, you choose how much you want to borrow (based on your approval amount and state of residence). In the event we are unable to approve your application, we’ll provide you a reason for denial.

Our loan approval amounts range from $500 to $5,000 – depending on the laws of your state. Returning customers may be eligible for an increased loan amount depending on their payment history and the affordability of the amount requested. See our How It Works page for more information.

The amount you are approved for is determined based on your state of residence, our assessment of what you can afford and your credit history. In several states we are not allowed by law to offer lower loan amounts. To understand the loans that we offer in your state please visit our How It Works page.

If we receive your application by 6pm ET and you are approved, we can electronically deposit your money into your account as early as the next business day (M-F excluding bank holidays). You can contact the ACH department of your bank to verify that the funds have been credited to your account. If you prefer, you can request a paper check. If a paper check is chosen please allow 7-10 days for delivery via the USPS. Applications received after 6pm ET are processed the next business day.

Due to the complexity of how credit scores are calculated, we’re unable to determine the exact impact making on-time payments on your account will have on your credit score. However, making on-time payments is one of the most important factors in building and maintaining good credit.
For questions about FICO® score, visit https://www.fico.com/en/products/fico-score
For questions about VantageScore®, visit https://vantagescore.com/

Credit Score Plus is a free service offered by RISE that provides any RISE account holder a view of their TransUnion® credit score. This service also includes credit alert notifications that can be viewed through your account. Visit our Credit Score Plus page to enroll and our Build Good Credit page to learn more about what a good credit score means for you.